Feeling Beautiful…Columbia SC photographer

Hello!  You get Kristen today…who is in for a little bit of soul-bearing.

We are starting a new line of portraits for women here at Tom Bagby.  Portraits for women who want to feel beautiful.  Which brings me to terrifying thing number 1.

Terrifying Thing Number One…I needed to try it out myself, which means I needed to have my portrait made.  Its funny…I’m a designer, I work with a photographer, I don’t like to have my portrait taken.  I think its mainly because (and I know all you women out there can relate)…I don’t feel pretty.  The demands of life, the stress, the day-to-day “stuff”, the 10+ pounds I’ve gained since moving to South Carolina, the care-taking of other people, the fact that I now don’t like anything in my wardrobe, the person I saw on tv the other day that I believe looks better than me…all of those things chip away at any “beautiful” feeling I might have about myself.  And when you don’t feel beautiful, there’s no way you want to get your picture taken just so the fact that you’re ugly can be confirmed in a photograph.  (Turns out I was wrong about that…stay tuned)

Tom took my portraits.  We tested out new lighting, I fixed my hair, took time to do my make-up, put something pretty on from my wardrobe, actually applied lipstick…  Then we copied the images over to the computer and I looked at them.  Hmmmm…that’s me? really?  I know that no one likes to admit that they might say this out loud…but I think I looked…pretty…in the portraits.  The tired, kind of haggard person that normally stares back at me from the mirror wasn’t in those photos.  Which brings me to Terrifying Thing Number Two…

Terrifying Thing Number Two…I needed to post them on Facebook.  I’m always looking for things to post on our studio Facebook page, and this was something to post.  I thought, well…we’re trying to start this women’s portrait line, there’s new lighting involved, I think I will throw them out there and see what people think… which brings me to the Surprising Thing.

Surprising Thing…People said stuff like “Pretty. Beautiful. Love the hair. You looked so sexy in those photos!”  What? Really?  I don’t really think of myself like that…or rather I haven’t thought about myself like that in a long time.  I think that all of us thought of ourselves like that at one time or another…like when we were 11 and playing dress-up in our mother’s clothes. I’m pretty sure we thought of ourselves as beautiful then.  Or like when I went to the Homecoming Dance in junior high, or when I got to wear a new leather skirt in a fashion runway show when I was 8…I distinctly remember feeling beautiful then.  But then life happens and some mean people tell you you’re not pretty…and the crazy thing is that you believe them.  Or maybe because you don’t think you’re as pretty as someone else, you think you’re not pretty at all. But maybe I am pretty.

AND YOU ARE PRETTY TOO.  And you should be able to see yourself as beautiful too.  I did.  Here are the portraits that we did that day.

F i n d   u s   o n   F a c e b o o k