Tom Bagby in the Columbia news

We love a good story…love to hear a good story and love to tell a good story. Sometimes, we have been known to do things just for story…like the time we drove off our planned path on a sixteen hour drive just to take our picture by the Santa Claus Indiana sign. Or the time Kristen was on the David Letterman show holding a pie…that’s a good story for later.

This story involves our random debut on the WIS news and then our more known debut in The State newspaper all in the same day.

Kristy Rupon, our favorite writer at The State, writes a column in the business section featuring new and exciting businesses or existing businesses that have new and exciting things going on. She was interested in writing about the new portion of our business…contemporary beauty sessions involving hair/makeup plus a photo session. We could go on and on about the importance of feeling beautiful and owning beautiful portraits of yourself. Fortunately, Kristy was willing to listen to our latest passion, and we were so grateful for the fabulous article she wrote about us. Thank you Kristy! Check out the article here…

The State Studio Offers Glamour Shots with Elegance

We knew that article would appear in the newspaper on Friday March 30. And Thursday March 29th was the big premier of the Hunger Games. Tom’s kids were here visiting…and we had all read the books and thought it would be fun to go to the midnight premiere. Jillian bought our tickets the week before, plans were made, naps taken…we arrived at the theatre at 11:30 and were completely blown away at the crowd of people. Apparently all 13 screens were showing the Hunger Games. There were people everywhere, and some of them were in costume. The local WIS news was even there. We made our way to our theatre, found seats all together and watched the movie…which was very good. After the movie, four of us has to park on the outer edges of the huge parking lot. As we were journeying to our car, a woman popped out of her car and introduced herself as a reporter for WIS news. She then asked if we would be interested in being interviewed on camera about the movie. Because we like to do things for story, we didn’t have to think very long before we said yes. Tom went first. Because it was 3:00 in the morning, and Tom was a little sleepy, he managed to work the word “fun” into his interview no less than 30 times. Colin, Tom’s son, who is very into literature and movies had lots of very intelligent things to say about the movie…a dictionary would have been needed for most people to watch and understand his analysis. After they were finished, the reporter informed us that parts of their interviews would be featured on the morning news. Long story, short…Tom and Colin’s interviews did make it onto the morning news on Friday morning. Tom’s was edited down to “it was fun” and Colin’s (in spite of all of the interesting things that he said) was simply “I’d give it a four out of five”. Ha. I guess they wanted to get right to the point.

So that is he story of how, after living on Columbia for almost a year, Tom Bagby made a big news debut in print and on television all on the same day about completely unrelated things. Good story…right?

F i n d   u s   o n   F a c e b o o k